K5 v Akfinans Bank | Open Letter to Mr Mustafa Guner

K5 v Akfinans Bank | Open Letter to Mr Mustafa GunerI have published an open letter to Mr Mustafa Guner on Facebook in the hope that he will read it and respond. It is interesting to see Mr Guner is no longer available for me to look at on Facebook and so I have no way of asking him the questions I ask in the letter copied from Facebook and republished below.

“Dear Mr Guner,

I find it almost incredible that you have allowed yourself to be used by the bank as the named owner of my villa on the allegedly fraudulent Kocan they produced with the help of the Tapu.

I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt, but since Mr Kader uses my villa as his weekend retreat and clearly you do not live there, I can only conclude that you have known from the outset your ownership of my villa was purely cosmetic.

Does it not bother you at all, that a British pensioner invested their savings gleaned from a lifetime of hard work into this property? Do you ever give even a thought to misery you have allegedly colluded in? How would you feel if someone did this to you?

I am a firm believer in Karma and at the right time, we all pay for our bad deeds.

I would ask you to do the right thing, I will not hold my breath.

Pauline Read ” [Source: Facebook]

You never know, miracles may happen.

Pauline Read

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  • Polly Marples

    Guner’s response to finding him of facebook…..block Pauline