Where There’s Fire There’s Usually Conspiracy Theories

Where There's Fire There's Usually Conspiracy TheoriesWITHOUT PREJUDICE

There was a fire in Famagusta yesterday.

Newsflash, fires happen in Cyprus both north and south with alarming regularity. You will forgive me for saying so but ‘it goes with the territory ‘ on the island of Cyprus. Whether deliberate or accidental the end result is the same…devastation. A combination of dried out vegetation, constant sun shine and a careless or even deliberate act will ignite the area in no time and putting it out can take time.

Oh dear, yesterday the social media networks went wild. Whilst Mr A and Mr A have been building bridges and looking for a way forward…those who really do not want a change in the status quo were having a field day. From their position of no facts whatsoever, they were concocting conspiracy theories worthy of a John L Carre novel. “Tinker Tailor, Soldier, Arsonist???

I shake my head and wonder if some of the people in Cyprus will ever grow up

Pauline Read



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2 comments to Where There’s Fire There’s Usually Conspiracy Theories

  • fluter

    Never Pauline, nor will they stop sulking if they don’t get their own way.

  • Polly Marples

    Now…an nobody sulks better than a Cyp.