North Cyprus Law | FFF (Flag Flying Fiasco)

North Cyprus Law | FFF (Flag Flying Fiasco)WITHOUT PREJUDICE

The continuation of the FFF (Flag Flying Fiasco) continued on Monday 8th June as scheduled.

It was the turn of the defence to put their case.

The advocate for the defence made a plea that the case be dismissed as it was unlawful.

The case was adjourned for the Judge to consider the request.

The decision will be given on the 17th June at 13.30 at Famagusta District Court.

If the judge agrees with the defence the case could be dismissed, if not the case will continue with witnesses
for the defence being heard and cross examined.

This case has dragged on for over two years. So many similarities to the Geoff Day case who, if you will recall, had to surrender his passport during that time, was virtually a prisoner on the island for two years plus and was subsequently found not guilty.

Whatever happened to justice and fair play…to the basic principle enshrined in law….innocent until proven guilty?

Koray and Cinel would welcome your support. If you can be there on the 17th June…Famagusta District Court 13.30
please be there.

If you care, be there.

Pauline Read

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