North Cyprus Law | Endless Flag Trial Update

 North Cyprus Law | Endless Flag Trial UpdateWITHOUT  PREJUDICE

This trial  seems set to run and run. As you will see from the coverage by Cyprus Mail¹, way back in 2014, it is following the usual TRNC legal system of becoming a long running saga.

Yesterday, Wednesday the 4th June the trial resumed in Famagusta District Court.

Two witnesses for the prosecution were giving evidence for the prosecution and were cross examined by the defence’s advocate. The complainant (the person who made the original complaint about the flag flying) was in the witness box.

The hearing was adjourned and is set to resume on the afternoon of Monday 8th June when the defence case and witnesses will be heard.

Clearly, this case is not going to be thrown out and is going to continue to the bitter end.  I personally think it should
never have been started and that the case should never have seen the inside of a court. A personal opinion and not in any way meant to influence the outcome of the case.

There are still many, both sides of the border, who still believe that keeping silent is the way to make things ‘go away’ .  HISS, Head In Sand Syndrome is at epidemic proportions and for some incurable.

Cinel and Koray would welcome your support on Monday 8th June 2015 at Famagusta District Court.

The Grey Wolves were nowhere to be seen yesterday and the Famagusta police are to be congratulated  for their policing.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read


¹ Cyprus Mail

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2 comments to North Cyprus Law | Endless Flag Trial Update

  • fluter

    At the risk of appearing cynical, the trial will be kept going by the lawyers.

  • Polly Marples

    Totally agree fluter.

    It will run and run just like Geoff Day’s.