Waiting Forever For Justice in North Cyprus

ForeverTwo years ago today Judge Talat Usar declared the mortgages on the Kulaksiz 5 properties owned by British Pensioners were FRAUDULENT. Two years on we are still waiting for this judgement to be either ratified or overturned by the High Court who heard the Appeal lodged by Akfinans Bank LImited on the 4th October 2016. It looks as if Christmas will come and go with us still WAITING.

After 8 years of fighting Akfinans Bank, if the court rules in our favour, we will be back to the beginning and still a long way to go before the villas actually are able to be put into our names. Already three of the litigants/occupiers have DIED waiting.

Akfinans Bank owners have tried every DIRTY trick in the book to silence me personally. The only way they will achieve that is to compensate me or return my villa or my death.


Pauline Read

NCFPNorth Cyprus Law | Pauline Read’s K5 Property Up For Sale

Without Prejudice Now why would you leave two For Sale signs outside my villa unless it was intention to sell it? We all know of the cosmetic manoeuvre made by the bank in putting my villa into

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