The Human Cost of Akfinans Bank Taking Our Home in Cyprus

The Human Cost of Akfinans Bank Taking Our Home in CyprusWITHOUT PREJUDICE

What a year this has been. Perhaps the most painful one I have ever endured. Losing Agile (Chris) came as a huge shock and the old saying ‘you don’t not what you’ve got till it’s gone’ is so true. Neither of us knew he had cancer until it was far too late and the only blessing, if there is one, is that he was never in pain. It was just 23 days from the day of his diagnosis until the day he passed away.

The years we spent in north Cyprus were not all spent in fighting for justice, we had some really good times there and even though Akfinans Bank behaved like a third world bank run by the mafia, they did not ever succeed in frightening us away. We left because of Chris’s increasing mobility problems which he would still be living with if the big ‘C’ had not happened.

Do I believe that the stress of the situation, entirely the fault of Akfinans Bank owners, in any way exacerbated the Chris’s condition and contributed to his early death (he was 65) ? Yes of course I do, it has been medically proven that stress is the cause of a lot of illness/disease. I truly believe the attempt to run Chris over on the day they stole the villa was something that stressed him out beyond measure.

Now we are on the verge of knowing if the High Court agrees with the Lower Court in that the mortgages put on our villas were fraudulent from day one. I have been denied use of and access to my villa at number 5 Demokrasi Sokak since the 30th July 2010…the day the bank broke into and stole it from me. Now they utilise it for their weekend retreat, despite the fact that for cosmetic purposes they have put it into the name of Mustafa Guner the father of Ertug Kader’s wife. Ertug Kader being one of the family that own Akfinans Bank. I would think the object of that exercise was twofold:

1. To distance it further from its TRUE owner…me.

2. To give the illusion of acting like a proper bank but does anyone seriously believe any money ever changed hands?

So what will happen if the judgement does go in our favour? We will begin the long process of trying to get the properties put into the names of the rightful owners. Yes….we start all over again….good innit.

What happens if we lose. I cannot speak for the others, but I will be taking my chances with the ECHR…what have I got to lose?

Pauline Read

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