North Cyprus Law | Pauline Read’s K5 Property Up For Sale

North Cyprus Law - Pauline Read's K5 Property Up For SaleWithout Prejudice

Now why would you leave two For Sale signs outside my villa unless it was intention to sell it?

We all know of the cosmetic manoeuvre made by the bank in putting my villa into the name of a former Director Mustafa Gune; Kocan number 8451. I am being told MY villa cannot be put back into the name of the landowner as per the judgement made by Judge Talat Usar because of this transfer. Yet we also all know that despite this cosmetic move, the bank have used my home as a weekend retreat regularly.

If you accept that the Judge’s decision that the mortgage ergo the auction was fraudulent, you then cannot isolate one of the victims, i.e. me, and treat her differently to the rest of the victims. If you do that then you are saying it is okay for the bank to have fraudulently transferred my villa into the name of Mustafa Guner. Is one fraud lesser than the other, or even acceptable?

My villa never belonged to the bank, they had no right using it, they had no right transferring it, yet it seems no one is listening to this very obvious fact.

They took it by force, they have made my life a living hell for objecting to this, now it seems I am singled out again for more ‘special’ treatment.

Bad enough to be victimised by the bank but I refuse to be victimised by the legal system too.

Where is the justice for me Pauline Ann Read? I want the bank to be stopped from selling my villa. Why are my needs any less than any other member of Kulaksiz 5. Where is MY justice?

Pauline Ann Read

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1 comment to North Cyprus Law | Pauline Read’s K5 Property Up For Sale

  • Polly Marples

    It seems that maybe the neighbours piled up their For Sale boards and left them outside Pauline’s gate, who knows. Not a very neighbourly act in my opinion.