Turkish Troops Leaving North Cyprus and Returning to Turkey

Turkish Troops Leaving North Cyprus and Returning to TurkeyTurkey is being reported as reducing and withdrawing troops from the north in order to reinforce its units in the fight against the Kurdish PKK. Afrika newspaper has said:

“Due to the tension and clashes in Turkey, it is reducing and withdrawing a significant number of troops from Cyprus. This process is continuing for the last six months and it has been intensified in recent days”.

The focus is currently on commando units in Akdeniz and Çamlıbel where they have been completely withdrawn. Also, the personnel in all military units in the north have been reduced with some ‘front line’ troops being reduced by as much as two thirds. All operations were carried out in secret, the paper said.

It added that Turkey was intensively fighting against the PKK in the southeast of the country. The south estimates that Turkey had 35,000 to 40,000 troops in the north of the island.

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