Does a TRNC Stamp in Your Passport Prevent Greece Visit?

Does a TRNC Stamp in Your Passport Prevent Greece VisitThere is some confusion being spread about whether having a TRNC stamp in your passport means you cannot visit Greece. This is as a result of two conflicting reports of a Turkish senior Interior Ministry public officer experiencing a problem visiting the Greek island of Chios on official business.

One report suggests the problem was because he had a TRNC stamp in his Turkish passport:

‘One officer arrived in Chios to address a bilateral diplomatic issue that emerged when it was found that one of the Turkish liaison officers had a TRNC stamp on his passport, that is, stamped with TRNC, that is, the North Cypriot regime in Cyrpus occupied by Turkey since 1974. Such passports are considered invalid by the Greek State much like Iran does not recognize Israeli travel documents.’ ¹

Another report contradicts this and says the problem was caused by the Turkish official trying to gain entry using a TRNC passport:

‘A Turkish observer arrived on Chios island on Sunday night holding a passport from Turkish-occupied Cyprus; Greek authorities are to decide whether he will be accepted in the country.’ ²

It is difficult to confirm whether this ban applies to a particular person because there is no definitive statement from a government source. As recent as 2014 the Turkish popstar Bengü was denied entry into a Greek island because she had a TRNC visa stamp on her passport, according to the daily Hürriyet website. ³

Elsewhere, travel writers and travel book websites seem to say that an EU country or US passport holder would merely have TRNC stamps cancelled with the passport holder’s permission.

Seems to be a Greek/Turkish thing then.





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1 comment to Does a TRNC Stamp in Your Passport Prevent Greece Visit?

  • Polly Marples

    Pauline had no problem, even though she has a TRNC visa in her passport. Been in and out of Greece many time using this passport. I think it is more that this person is Turkish. Just my opinion.