Amaranta Valley To Be Completed With TRNC Government Loans

Amaranta Valley To Be Completed With TRNC Governments LoansWITHOUT  PREJUDICE

How strange, I was only mentioning recently the lack of information coming out of the Government regarding their promises to the purchasers of ROBB(er) property on Amaranta and this appears in this week’s edition of Cyprus Today.   I do thank my friend in north Cyprus who sends me copies of all the news in Cyprus Today relating to Kulaksiz 5 and other property victims.

It would seem from reading this that far from righting wrong, the Government are just generating more work for the building companies and charging the owners for the the privilege of having their property completed. So, the Government, who allowed this to happen, who cynically facilitated this gigantic fraud by allegedly allowing Robb to buy citizenship, knowing he was on the run from British Justice and then allowed him to start this the company known as Aga Development are allowing the victims to pay to get their property finished.  He was not without a great deal of help from other Turkish Cypriots either.

We know for instance that Cafer Gurcafer was a Director of Aga at one time.  We know Akan Kursat, advocate for Akfinans Bank Limited was his co shareholder….this information being in the public domain.  We know that the law firm of Talat Kursat, a law firm in Kyrenia, was much mentioned in the judgement in the British ruling against Robb…SOCA v ROBB and not to their credit.  We know Akan Kursat is a partner in Talat Kursat. All verifiable fact.

My understanding is that people who bought in Amaranta Valley, regardless of whether they have paid in full or not, will be able to borrow from this Government set up fund to complete their purchases.  Just what you always wanted in your old age…another MORTGAGE.  Reminds me of the offer K5  received from Akfinans Bank Limited.

So how will this benefit the majority of the victims?  Perhaps I am being cynical, or perhaps I am missing something, but unless your property is already finished, you will be in hock to the Government. Is there anyone up there with a finished property…rhetorical question because I know the answer.

There is a further consideration that must be borne in mind.  The Greek Cypriot owner of the land on which the properties stand has been identified. Robb did 14 months in an ROC prison for building and selling property on that land. Would you be safe from a similar prosecution if you put any part of that land into your name? If you live in the UK you are very vulnerable, ask the Orams.

So this all singing, all dancing change to the Citizenship law may well have facilitated cancelling Robb’s citizenship which should never have been, but how does it really help his victims?

I will leave you to decide.

Pauline Read


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3 comments to Amaranta Valley To Be Completed With TRNC Government Loans

  • Polly Marples

    Gary Robb, now allegedly living in a rented property and although receiving housing benefit is not paying his rent and the owner is trying to get him out. Also allegedly, he has cancer and his brother is receiving benefits as his carer.

  • Polly Marples

    This is reported by one source in the Occupied Areas known by some as “trnc”, the news-site Afrika…

    Turkey/ “TRNC” is again being dragged before the Courts of the Republic, but in a very curious affair…

    “TRNC” is being sued at the Famagusta District Court by a Mr Cafer Curcafer, a former hotelier and former chairman of the “turkish Cypriot Building Contractors’ Union” in matters arising from the Mimoza Hotel in Occupied Famagusta, which is in the Salamis area.

    Whilst living in the Occupied Areas, Mr Curcafer is reported as having “acquired” the business of the Mimoza Hotel and Mr Curcafer is now said to be claiming that “trnc” “sold” him a Stolen Hotel…!!!

    The list of Stolen Hotels issued by the Republic has the Mimoza noted as a 102-bed 3* Hotel with its ownership designated as “gc”.

    I believe that it has been re-named as the Mimoza Beach Hotel and is not to be confused with the Mimosa Beach Hotel in Protaras in the Free Areas.

    Mr Curcafer, who is now living in the Free Areas, is further reported as seeking 2 Million Euros as compensation from “trnc” in this court action.

    Court papers were duly served on Turkey at the Turkish Embassy in Athens. Naturally and as always, Turkey/”trnc” won’t turn up for the court hearing, which is expected to be heard in February.

    We shouldn’t be surprised if Mr Curcafer takes matters further with an application to the ECHR shortly afterwards.

  • fluter

    Oh dear, you really could not make it up, could you?

    What a skate that guy is!