15 Euro Incentive Given To Tourists Traveling to the North

15 Euro Incentive Given To Tourists Traveling to the NorthI’m not sure how much ‘pie in the sky’ this article is but according to the north’s Yeni Duzen newspaper (29.03.16) the TRNC’s Tourism Minister, Faiz Sucuoglu, has announced that for a limited time in order to attract more tourists to the north, the government will give tourists arriving at Larnaca airport, who are crossing to the north, 15 Euros per person as an incentive.

The aim is to attract around 50,000 tourists and will need 6 million TL to finance this incentive programme. Sucuoglu said that currently this idea is to be brought up during talks in Ankara next week and had been put forward because of problems tourists faced on arriving at Larnaca and wanting to travel on to the north.

“A tourist arriving at Larnaca, cannot cross to north Cyprus via buses. He can only come either with a taxi or with a mini bus. And he is charged 100 or 200 TL extra”.

How this incentive will work has not been decided but the obvious method would be a transport voucher issued by travel agents who would put on coaches that could carry up to 50 passengers and be paid up to 750 Euros for each journey transporting tourists to the north. Even though there will not be a financial incentive to return tourists to the south there will obviously be empty coaches regularly traveling there to pick up tourists with their 15 Euro vouchers.

I imagine that taxi companies will object to this scheme if they are not included but if each journey they transport 4 voucher carrying customers to the north they’ll probably not complain although of course they will be less likely to return tourists for free.

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3 comments to 15 Euro Incentive Given To Tourists Traveling to the North

  • Polly Marples

    How funny, paying you to go there.

  • fluter

    I suggest this proposal ranks alongside the cheap Halloumi for hotels idea from some years ago.

    Waiting for the statement from the Tourism Minister that all hotel beds are booked for the next 6 months.

  • cyprusishome

    Think they were 3 days early with this press release!!!!!

    It could only be a joke.