Turkish Submarine Arrives at Girne Harbour

Turkish Submarine Arrives at Girne HarbourAccording to North Cyprus newspaper Star Kıbrıs (17.04.19, http://www.starkibris.net/index.asp?haberID=275650) the Turkish Navy’s TCG Sakarya submarine is currently anchored  in Girne harbour, where it will remain until 22 April. As of today the submarine will be open to the public. The TCG Sakarya is in the area within the framework of the Mediterranean Shield Operation.

The Mediterranean Shield Operation fleet’s duty is to protect Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa, a Turkish seismic vessel working in the Eastern Mediterranean which has previously been the target of a Greek frigate trying to interfere with the research vessel. Turkey is intent on extracting gas from the area and TCG Sakarya is there to reinforce that intent.

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