North Cyprus Crazy Easter Weather – Hailstones and Waterspout!

North Cyprus Crazy Easter Weather - Hailstones and Waterspout!While Britain basks in Summer heat, with temperatures above 20OC, North Cyprus is experiencing cool and unusual weather. Kyrenia was covered in hailstones making the town look like a Christmas picture in the Alps and just before that two waterspouts were spotted off the coast. I don’t know about global warming but mixed up weather seems to be the pattern this year. This isn’t the first time that Britain has been experiencing a relative heatwave whilst expats in North Cyprus shivered.

In February a similar pattern appeared with Britain breaking historical records for warm weather whilst North Cyprus experienced unprecedented rain. Images of cars being washed into the sea were worrying to say the least. Many ex-pats discovered that their homes weren’t as water-tight as they had hoped!


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