Turkey to use Russian S-400 Missiles to Defend its North Cyprus Oil Interests

Turkey to use Russian S-400 Missiles to Defend its North Cyprus Oil InterestsOn Monday the Greek newspaper Kathimerini reported  that Greek and South Cyprus defence officials and diplomats were on alert regarding possible developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, where Turkey has been strengthening its presence. Turkey is dispatching a third ship to the region and is considering deploying a long-range S-400 Russian missile-defence system along the southern Turkish coast, reported the newspaper.

Although I’m reporting this, there is a lot of best guessing here. Will Turkey buy S-400 missiles and have the US refuse to allow the sale of 100 F-35 jets and move its manufacturing facilities from Turkey? There is also a threat from the US that it will refuse to train Turkish F-35 pilots. It’s all up in the air at the moment.

Living in North Cyprus, so close to the Middle East, becomes less appealing with all this military activity nearby. It only takes one accident to turn the area into a war zone. When I first moved to North Cyprus, I imagined using it as a base for exploring the Middle East, Damascus was to be one of my first destinations. The city was likened to Paris at the time but by 2012 it started to experience attacks and the idea of visiting it was no longer a consideration. Please don’t let that happen to Cyprus.

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