Freedom House 2019 Reports | Comparing Turkey and Northern Cyprus

freedom house 2019 reportThe recently released Freedom House 2019 Reports allows us to compare the relative freedom experienced in Turkey and Northern Cyprus. Looking at the Freedom House Northern Cyprus Report and the Freedom House Turkey Report immediately shows us how different the two are, in terms of the freedom allowed to those living there.

Just by looking at their overall scores of 31/100 for Turkey and 81/100 for Northern Cyprus shows that Turkey and Northern Cyprus are allowed totally different levels of freedom. While there are some criticisms of Northern Cyprus, a mark of 31/40 for Northern Cyprus Political Rights compared to Turkey’s 15/40 shows that at the time of the report the Northern Cyprus political system was sound, compared to Turkey’s.

Another area where Northern Cyprus scores well compared to Turkey is in the category Functioning of Government, where it scores 7/12 compared to Turkey’s 3/12. Freedom of Expression and Belief is near perfect for Northern Cyprus with a 15/16 score compared to Turkey’s 5/16.

This is all very well but recent events in Northern Cyprus lead me to believe that the 2020 Freedom House reports will bring the two closer together in the lack of freedom experienced in each country, but I hope I’m wrong.

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