TRNC President Akinci Tells EU Commissioner Not To Bother

TRNC President Akinci Tells EU Commissioner Not To BotherWhen the current European Commissioner for the Euro and Social Dialogue, Valdis Dombrovskis, decided he would only visit North Cyprus for a courtesy 15 minute visit whilst he was going to stay in the south for two to three days and hold many meetings, along with a press conference. Akıncı’s response was less than polite.

“I would like to openly express to him [Dombrovskis] that if they are going to conduct such visits, then they need not come. We are serious and we expect the people across from us to also be serious. A person who has the duty of making the Turkish Cypriot side prepare for the EU needs to hold meetings here [in Turkish Cyprus], too. That’s the normal way.”

This visit gives the impression that Europe believes that Turkish Cypriots are relatively unimportant and that the Greek Cypriots are the ones to deal with. Again, this does not give the north much confidence if the south were ever to have power over them again.

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3 comments to TRNC President Akinci Tells EU Commissioner Not To Bother

  • Miltiades

    Has anyone ever told you that the EU recognises only the RoC as the ONLY sovereign legal entity over the entire island ?

    You lot are so bllllllooody thick !!

  • Polly Marples

    The words dolly and pram spring to mind.

  • Miltiades

    Why are you always so blatantly stupid , old bird?

    Have you tried doing a search on Turkeys treatment of its 20 million Kurdish minority, or its general human rights record.
    Stupidity is your trade mark !