POLL - Have You Recently Tried To Sell A North Cyprus Property

north cyprus property for saleRecently, NCFP has been involved in discussions concerning the North Cyprus property market with many saying that it is stagnant and the only way you can sell is to either take a huge drop in your asking price or to wait until a solution to the Cyprus problem is achieved.

To this end we thought we’d publish a POLL to discover the experience of our readers. If you do not have a property in North Cyprus but are thinking of purchasing one then you could also show your intention in the POLL.

If you’d like to advertise for FREE on NCFP then CONTACT US and we’ll see if we can create a short advert for you similar to this NORTH CYPRUS PROPERTY FOR SALE advert

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19 comments to POLL – Have You Recently Tried To Sell A North Cyprus Property?

  • fluter

    Who is “we”?

  • Polly Marples

    Oh how Pauline would love to sell her property at Karsiyaka, but it has squatters.

  • Miltiades

    One senile old fool is ….thinking of buying a property !!!Glutton for punishment or what !!

  • AM

    NC will be the destination of choice in the med as soon as the talks fall apart.

    Sit back and be patient 🙂

  • Miltiades

    I should have known that the senile old fool was you !!
    Have you considered …Aleppo ?

  • ebirey

    We have got a Turkish-deed apartment for sale in Koskluciftlik, heart of Nicosia (Lefkosa). It is a resale property in excellent condition. Three-bedroom, three-balcony on fourth floor. Elevator and covered car parking space. Within walking distance to most places including the popular Dereboyu. Price STG 59,000. Contact tel. +905338687597

  • Miltiades

    Two blithering idiots want to buy in occupied north Cyprus. As they say, Mad dogs and Englishmen.!!!

  • AM

    Why are you still here Milti….there is simply nothing here for you.

    You lost all credibility years ago and no one really has the time of day for you or your silly scribblings anymore.

  • Miltiades

    One of the idiots considering buying a stolen property is obviously …you!

  • AM

    The only thing stolen in Cyprus is the lives of TC’s which on the face of it you couldn’t give a toss.

    It appears you are depriving a very good village of an idiot now get back in your box.

  • Miltiades

    The most arrogantly stupid individual should not pass judgement on others, I recommend strongly that you consider buying in Afghanistan, I hear house prices have drastically fallen !!
    What the frick do you know about Cyprus and its history you senile old fool!

  • AM

    I probably know as much as someone who hasn’t lived there for 60yrs….cretin

  • stu808

    O still have not got my deeds after 10 years wish i could sell.

    think this should be added to the survey!

  • Miltiades

    ” still have not got my deeds after 10 years wish i could sell.”

    You will sooner rather than later, AM is looking to buy, also do bear in mind that there is a sucker born every minute!!!

  • AM

    Haha…Buy property in Cyprus you must be joking.
    I wouldn’t buy property there even if I was a Cypriot ? The whole island is so corrupt its in the same league as Columbia or Bulgaria.

  • Miltiades

    Just take a look at what is happening in Turkey of recent and ask yourselves if the G/Cs are correct in refusing to have this nation as a guarantor of their future!!

    Freedom of speech, freedom of media curtailed by the progressively “islamitized” totalitarian regime.

    Our culture, way of life can not be entrusted to Sultan Erdogan
    neither will that of the T/Cs. Turkey is a dead horse, her time in Cyprus will not last for ever.

    Our newspapers and general media are free to express views in contrast to those of the government and fearing closure.

    When will you lot realize that this third world nation occupying our northern parts does not belong in Cyprus.

  • AM

    You better start giving Turkey a little more respect Milti as 78m have just had permission to free movement in the EU ?

  • Miltiades

    I don’t think so .

    !Turkey is scheduled to fully implement the readmission agreement with all EU member countries as of June 2016, which requires the country to recognize Greek Cyprus. Both Turkish diplomacy sources and EU authorities have said they aim for a solution on the divided Cyprus by spring next year”


  • AM

    So March 2017… what happened to end of 2015 then by spring 2016 then by half year?

    Are you so green and cabbage looking that you believe all this balony ?.