Akfinans Bank v K5 - Pauline Receives A Strange Email


How very strange that I received an email today from one of the K5 asking me this question “Are you no longer publishing for North Cyprus Free Press?”

Stranger still it should come from the person who has sent me many bullets (in the form of information) he hasn’t got the balls to fire and thinks I am unaware he does that, in my opinion of course.

He is also the one who refused to pay his share of the costs I paid rather than be arrested, his share was eventually paid by the other members of K5. He is also the only one who has ever profited from owning a K5 property by letting it.

Whenever I receive an email from this source, I always wonder what he is up to.

For his information, I have never published anything for NCFP….what I have done is contribute blogs to NCFP for the editor to publish if he thought them newsworthy.

Of course my squatters, non paying tenants are still living opposite his villa. Indeed he is the one who sent me this photo.

My villa FOR SALE

I later found out that the For Sale signs were not put there by the bank…so I have to guess who did….no prizes if you come up with the same answer as me. Why would the bank wish to sell my villa when they have already put it into the name of Mustafa Guner, the father in law of Ertug Kader who allegedly spends his weekends there. I do not know if his wife/ex wife accompanies him but I do have lots of photos of her and the rest of the clan enjoying my villa.

According to our legal representative the Appeal lodged by Akfinans Bank Limited against the judgment given on the 4th December 2014 will take place on Monday 13th JUNE 2016 and he assured me it will be heard on that day. If you wish to show your support by attending, it will be at the High Court in Lefkosa.

Lefkosa courts. A beautiful old building I found this photo using Google.

law courts.

Will it actually be heard, some 19 months after the initial judgement, I honestly do not know. I hope so because the outcome will mean I can make some serious decisions then.

Never give in, never give up

Pauline Read

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2 comments to Akfinans Bank v K5 – Pauline Receives A Strange Email

  • Polly Marples

    Pauline received this, this morning. Guess he must be blind and well as daft.

    “richard barclay Mar 6 at 7:38 PM
    Pauline Read
    Message body

    I haven’t seen you on the blog for quite awhile are you still writing?

    Warm regards,


  • Polly Marples

    He is using the right words now Pauline…sure sign he read this blog.