The Tale of the Buyuk Han in Lefkosa and The Three Sheets

The Tale of the Buyuk Han in Lefkosa and The Three SheetsThere have been complaints that some shopkeeper at the Buyuk Han (The Great Inn) in Lefkosa, North Cyprus, are putting up white sheets to use as sunshades. There is even a Facebook page called ‘Let’s Protect our Cultural Heritage’ (Tarihi Eserlerimizi Koruyalim) which complains the sheets are not in line with the historic culture and should be removed. What will replace them is yet another issue and the Evkaf Administration are yet to solve the problem causing locals to criticise the Turkish Cypriot antiquities department for not doing their job to get the unsightly covers removed.

This has been going on for months as can be seen from photos on the Bukuk Han Facebook Page

buyuk han

Perhaps some onecould tie dye these sheets, there are enough artists at the Buyuk Han to turn the sheets into works of art or perhaps lawyers could start a court case? Whatever is done, complaining and waiting for officials to do something is certainly not the solution as has been proved in the property sector.

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