TRNC Internet Service Providers | Turk Telecom Complaint

TRNC Internet Service Providers | Turk Telecom ComplaintAfter a struggle, I managed to receive this email from TRNC Internet Service Providers Asscociation complaining that the crap internet service I was receiving was as a result of the monopoly that Turk Telekom has over the north’s internet backbone. In other words, Turk Telekom was saying to the north’s ISPs that if they don’t like the service then they could go elsewhere except there was no elsewhere. Doesn’t bode well for water and electricity or anything else when they become a Turkish monopoly.

‘Dear Customers and members of the public,

As you may already be aware that in Northern Cyprus all internet services are provided from Turk Telekom (aka TTNET) (in Turkey).
Turk Telekom is Northern Cyprus’s internet back bone, they are the only upstream provider to Northern Cyprus itself. This is the only source of internet coming into the island which is being used by all Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Northern Cyprus.

The quality of the service provided from Turk Telekom to the island has been appalling in recent months. Especially this month (August) and last month (July) the Turkish Telekom has experienced serious problems, which is causing degrading speeds throughout most days and some times even a complete loss in connection.

All ISP’s get internet from Turk Telekom and distribute that internet to their own customers using their own means of networking distribution. Efforts to contact Turk Telekom are made if and when problems arise, however questions and requests are often left unanswered and/or inconclusive. This is the painful truth that all ISP’s are having to face as there are no other alternatives. All ISP’s in Northern Cyprus pay hundreds of thousands of Turkish lira each month without receiving the service they are paying for.

The most important factor to bear in mind is that our country’s laws oblige us to receive internet services from Turk Telekom and Turk Telekom only. We have no other option.

We believe that the most accurate and effective thing that can be done in this case is to share the e-mail addresses of Turk Telekom with all Northern Cyprus residents who are using internet services, so that we can collectively bring light to these unfortunate ongoing issue.

You can forward all complaints arising from this situation to Turk Telekom directly by using the following e-mail addresses;

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

On behalf of the Internet Services Providers Association,

(TRNC Internet Service Providers Association)’

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2 comments to TRNC Internet Service Providers | Turk Telecom Complaint

  • fluter

    Complain maybe, but sadly, experience tells me that not a single soul will give a damn.

    As to why they are the sole provider, I’m sure we all know why.

    Dreadful culture.

  • Gram

    This is why embargoes on the TRNC should be lifted; and why we should all be looking for and signing petitions to have them raised – then, if/when they are raised, connections via other countries could be made….