TRNC Advocate Mehmet Kaptan Bensen Has Reappeared

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These are my thoughts and my words and in no way reflect on the opinion of the NCFP and its editor and owner.

I received notification this morning that Mehmet Kaptan Bensen was in court this morning allegedly representing another client.

Little did I know when I gave my money to retain the services of TRNC Advocate MEHMET KAPTAN BENSEN that he would disappear with my money and the money of many more like me. It seems that finding an honest Advocate in the TRNC is like trying to a needle in a hay stack.

It is interesting to note, this also appears on my facebook page and already many of his ex-clients have commented.

Pauline Read

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5 comments to TRNC Advocate Mehmet Kaptan Bensen Has Reappeared

  • fluter

    Amazing character! They have absolutely no shame, corruption and theft seem to be the norm in the TRNC.

  • Polly Marples

    A slimmed down and more streamline version of fatboy Pauline was told…guess he now is more like a stick insect than a slug. Guess we must all now refer to him as thinboy.

  • fluter

    Strange – my comment has disappeared.

  • NCFP Admin

    Which comment has disappeared, fluter?

  • fluter

    Sorry, can’t remember now!