Opinion | My Contract With Mehmet Kaptan Bensen


Opinion – My Contract With Mehmet Kaptan Bensen

Back on the 9th November 2012 when I signed a two year Retainer/Contract with Mehmet Kaptan Bensen, I truly believed I had at long last found an honest and competent Advocate.


As you can see, it clearly describes what the £550.00 sterling I paid him at the time was buying me and indeed what it was not buying me. A clearer description of the terms of his engagement, there could not be.

How sad then that within such a short space of time, Mr Bensen was to demonstrate how duplicitous he really was.

I admit, he fooled me totally and it is a source of great sadness to me that he allegedly did the same to so many others. I have reports of sums of £550, £750, £1000 and even £2000 being handed to this man, and not just one of each amount but several.

How different it all could have been had he remained the person I met initially. Sadly he did not and his true colours were soon demonstrated. Far from being in any way different to the other Advocates we had used. He was not only the same, in many respects he was far worse.

Now his clients, who have been left without representation and their legal papers, are also left stranded in a country, prisoners of a system they do not understand using a language they do not speak or understand. That is not to imply that all his ‘clients’ are foreigners, indeed some are Turkish Cypriots.

To return to the Contract I had with Mehmet Kaptan Bensen. There is a third page which contains his signature and mine. However when after seven attempts to collect my file, I eventually succeeded in getting them, I was not allowed inside his office. When I suggested he was in breach of his Retainer/Contract he told me that it was unenforceable and if I decided to sue him, I would not like his defence. He then went on to tell me he would destroy me. The HATE group was formed with that in mind.

It never ceases to amaze me that all legal proceedings are in Turkish whilst our Contracts of Sale were in English and the currency of choice in the Sale is British Sterling. How very one sided the whole system appears.

Pauline Ann Read

Disclaimer…..these words are mine and in no way represents the opinion of NCFP.

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