NCFP Tourism | Tour of Lawrence Durrell’s Bellapais House

NCFP Tourism - Tour of Lawrence Durrell's Bellapais HouseNCFP Tourism – Tour of Lawrence Durrell’s Bellapais House

NCFP received this email from Matthew Shorrock which we are publishing as is:

‘I will be opening the former home of famous Brit author Lawrence Durrell to the public from Sept 4 – Oct 2 incl

Daily 11.30 – 1pm except Sundays 4pm – 5.30

Cost TKL 20 to include drinks & talk on life of LDurrell’

A little bit of background from Bitter Lemons of Cyprus Revisited

“The present owner spent a vast sum on repairs in 2006 and, within six months, salt was already seeping through the newly plastered walls. Nevertheless the house, called Bitter Lemons, is one of the more prosperous-looking dwellings in the village where its lemon-painted walls stand out. Above the door is a plaque giving the dates of Durrell’s occupation. Visitors tackling the climb today who are fortunate enough to arrive while Matthew Shorrock (the present owner’s brother) is in residence will find those great carved wooden doors wide open at 11.30 am every day (except Sunday) and a warm welcome waiting. Stepping into the cool, dimly-lit hall, they are offered a refreshing glass of mineral water before being invited into a comfortably furnished sitting room–the room where Durrell found the cow.

Although the house has never been officially open to the public, when Matthew spent an extended holiday there in 2005 he was surprised by the number of Durrell fans who rang the bell asking to see the inside. He realised there was enough potential interest for some rationalisation of these requests and, having just taken early retirement, he and his wife, Pauline, began advertising talks and tours for a small fee. In the space of a few weeks in 2005 and 2006 they welcomed over a thousand people, averaging eight to fifteen per day. At the suggestion of one of the early visitors he brought out twenty-four copies of Bitter Lemons from England in 2006–and sold them all. Matthew’s informal introduction covers a brief biography of Durrell, a history of the house from Durrell’s ownership to the present day and some personal stories linking the two.”



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