Cyprus Problem | Anastasiades Says Peace Off!

Cyprus Problem – Anastasiades Says Peace Off!

Well that’s the conclusion I am drawing from a document quoted by Cyprus Mail.¹

One proposal from the south is that the Turkish Cypriot vice-president of the federal state would be elected by both communities and by absolute majority. Duh! Why not just shorten that to the south gets to chose. How long before the Greek Cypriots uses the democracy card to justify legislation that marginalises Turkish Cypriots? How long before Turkish Cypriot freedom fighters/terrorists are being imprisoned or killed and how long before Greek Cypriots yet again look stunned that they have violent riots on their streets?

A solution to a problem is one which works on both sides. There is an old statistics joke about a man with his head in a freezer and his feet in boiling water being asked how he felt. On average, he replied, I feel OK. The Cyprus Solution equivalent would be a Cyprus which, on average, is working OK because although 20% of Cypriots (Turkish) were unhappy, 80% of Cypriots (Greek) were happy. That’s a good result surely if, like in the statistics joke, it wasn’t so destructive.



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