North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 26/7/2014

North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today - 1/3/2014North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today – 26/7/2014


Aga buyers to receive homes – well no, not really. An amendment to the Citizenship Law allows the TRNC Council of Ministers to take land and property ownership from a third country national whose citizenship has been revoked by the cabinet and to liquidate them if the former citizen fails to sell them within 6 months. In the government property sale those with a contract to buy are given priority. Gary Robb’s Amaranta Valley development could fall into this category. The idea is that the properties would be priced and any money paid by contract holders would be deducted from that price. This law is expected to be approved in September. Editor: it’s that simple then.

Gunmen net 3 million TL in TRNC’s first heist – a hire car carrying 3m TL was robbed as it took cash to a branch of the Cooperative Bank. The robbers later attempted to set fire to the car in order to remove forensic evidence but left the windows closed so the fire failed to catch hold. The bank’s board believes the insecure transfer of cash is covered under their insurance policy despite not following the usual requirements for such transfers. Editor: honestly this really happened.

’74 landmark at risk of collapsing – poor construction has left the Peace and Freedom Monument at Escape Beach in a dangerous state

Briton dies after being released from hospital – an ex-pat bled to death from internal injuries hours after being released from hospital following a road accident


Penalties to be waived – for various forms of late payment

Turtles avoiding pipeline beach – nests were down from 60 last year to 16 this year. No Environment Impact Assessment was carried out by a reputable expert.

Holiday marks the end of ‘holy month’ – Ramadam Bayram is celebrated from Monday. State offices and banks will be closed from Monday to Wednesday and then on Friday for the 443rd anniversary of the Ottoman conquest of Cyprus.

GC leader ‘storms out’ – south’s President Anastasiades quit the talks in the UN buffer zone on Thursday. It is rumoured that he had said that previous convergences were not binding and he wanted to cherry pick those he liked and ‘throw the rest in the dustbin.’ TRNC President Eroglu rejected this only to be told that he would either have to accept this or Anastasiades would walk out. Eroglu pointed out that ‘you can’t negotiate by using threats’ and then Anastiades lit a cigarette (a no-no during the Ramadan fast) stood up, shouted and then walked out alone while UN officials tried to calm him. Even Greek Cypriot delegates were shocked at his behaviour. Editor: obviously staged to prop up his poor performance at home. The flip side of the coin for him is that it can now be said that the south has abandoned the talks and the north should start looking to their plan B.

Union fury over Ercan strike ban – the Aviation Workers’ Trade Union were told by the government that they couldn’t strike on Monday at the start of Bayram. Editor: in the UK all the workers would call in sick on Monday.

TRNC declares 3 days of mourning for Gaza – from last Wednesday!

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