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I never made any secret of the fact that I always knew the High Court would not miss the opportunity to punish me…and I was right. A teller of truths when the truth is shameful is never appreciated.

That they handed my villa to Akfinans Bank Limited sort of tells us all we need to know about their idea of RIGHT and WRONG. Natural justice…not in the TRNC.

I never made any secret of the fact that I would approach the European Court of Human Rights…the only disappointment in doing that for me, is that I cannot sue the TRNC because they are not recognised by anyone but Turkey…soooo it has to be Turkey I sue.

go fund meI have started a Gofundme page and anyone who wishes to contribute, well I will be grateful.

Click here to support Pauline’s ECHR case against Turkey organized by Pauline Read

I have been fighting the north Cyprus legal system for 9 years to get my villa, stolen from me, back. I jhave failed. The only recourse I have is to take Turkey to the European Court of Human Rights and I would like some financial help to do this. The villa was our dream retirement home,…

I am now awaiting a copy of the Judgement so I can get on with it.

Pauline Read

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    Pauline has had £325 donated so far.

  • Polly Marples

  • Polly Marples

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