Pauline Read Denied Justice Despite Kulaksiz 5 Win

Pauline Read Denied Justice Despite Kulaksiz 5 WinWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Indeed I am sure there were tears of joy for the other petitioners at the Appeal verdict in the Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank Limited heard on the 16th November 2017.

How odd that the High Court Judges cancelled the case as far as Pauline Read was concerned, citing the judgment she won in November 2010 by Ms. Read. What is even more odd, the High Court had already cancelled that self same judgment in September 2013, a case instigated by the owners of the properties the court had proposed to sell to compensate Ms. Read…it is important to note that when the injunctions were initially applied to these properties, the Land Registery were showing them as ‘land’ not properties sold to other hapless purchasers. It was for this reason Ms. Read voluntarily removed the injunctions as she was not prepared to do to others, that which the bank was doing to her…but do remember, she did this to save the owners the misery of what had happened to her and their advocates were indeed grateful.

Now it would seem the courts choose to ignore the fact that Ms. Read did indeed pay for her villa, did indeed pay her legal costs in several cases, including this case and yet, they feel it is okay to hand her property over to the bank who have already sold it to a family member and for her to walk away being out of pocket for the sale money, the money she spent on making it her home for four years and tens of thousands of pounds in legal fees

Does it not strike you as odd dear reader, that this panel of learned judges agree with the Lower Court judgment to the degree on part of the case, but not all of it. Is this punishment for Ms. Read for merely standing up to those who have taken so much from her, for pointing out the corruption that appears to be rife in north Cyprus.

Am I missing something here? How can it have been deemed ‘FRAUD’ by the lower court and yet no one is being charged with a crime? How can it be right to allow the bank the continue to occupy the villa that Pauline Read bought and paid for and yet expect her to walk away with NOTHING. If the charges on the other K5 owners homes were fraudulent, then it follows the whole act was fraudulent. Certainly the way the bank obtained occupancy of Ms. Read’s home by breaking in and taking it was indeed a criminal act.

I will not go over all the intimidation she and her late partner known as Agile suffered at the hands of the bank during the 9 years she has been fighting for justice.

It would seem that crime does pay in north Cyprus depending on who you are and how much money you already have.

I am very pleased for the rest of the Kulaksiz 5 and Ms. Read has confirmed she is too. She is sad though that only one, the one she least expected to, has contacted her at all. It seems her paying her share of the fees is quickly forgotten by them.

This is a copy of how the news was broken to her on ‘chat’ by her advocate.

“Hello Pauline
The appeal court cancelled your case as you already got a judgment with Naomi.
The other buyers got a succesful result and cancelled the 8 title deeds of the bank and became the co-defandant at case no 2164/06.
I am sorry that I could not do the same for you. I wish you the best for the rest of your life.”
Sent from Messenger
Chat Conversation End

It is not over till the fat lady sings and having seen Ms. Read of late, I note she is losing weight. I understand she is waiting for a copy of the latest court judgement and then approaching the ECHR.

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5 comments to Pauline Read Denied Justice Despite Kulaksiz 5 Win

  • Polly Marples

    How professional letting Pauline know in chat? He might just as well have said…

    We have milked you all we can…now FUCK OFF.

  • fluter

    “Is this punishment for Ms. Read for merely standing up to those who have taken so much from her, for pointing out the corruption that appears to be rife in north Cyprus.”.

    Yes, that is exactly what it is! Typical childish Cypriot spite.

    Is it not true that the owners still do not own their homes? And that, of course, devious means may yet be used to again rob them of their homes?

  • fluter

    Further to my above post – Hey, here’s an idea. How about using the incorruptible Police to eject people from their homes and then saying “Go on then, sue us”.

  • Polly Marples

    Oh fluter…to dream the impossible dream lolxx

  • Polly Marples