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You will perhaps have read this in last week’s edition of Cyprus Today:

“Homebuyers’ tears of joy
THERE were hugs and tears of joy from a group of British expat property owners on Thursday after they claimed victory in a near 12-year long legal battle to save their homes – with the TRNC avoiding a potentially damaging European Court of Human Rights case.”

By singling out Pauline Read for ‘special treatment’ not only did they not avoid a potentially damaging Europen Court of Human Rights case…they ensured one…such treatment surely put more fire in the belly of Pauline Read.

Of course all this can be avoided by Akfinans Bank Limited or someone in Government doing the right thing and compensating this
pensioner for her loss. It is as simple or as complicated as that.

I am pleased to see that Pauline Read’s efforts to raise funds for her legal fight is gathering pace and as of yesterday there had been donations of £680.00 in just eleven days, with more coming in daily. People do back the under dog…they do not like to see injustice.

You can donate by clicking on to this link.

Click here to support Pauline’s ECHR case against Turkey organized by Pauline Read

I have been fighting the north Cyprus legal system for 9 years to get my villa, stolen from me, back. I have failed. The only recourse I have is to take Turkey to the European Court of Human Rights and I would like some financial help to do this. The villa was our dream retirement home,.

She may well be in her 73rd year but talking with Pauline recently, she tells me she has every intention of chaining herself to either the TRNC Office in London or the Turkish Embassy when the weather picks up.

Go get ’em Pauline.

Pandora S Box

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1 comment to Pauline’s Opinion – Update on ECHR Fighting Fund

  • Polly Marples

    Pauline’s fund has just had a donation of £50.00 from a couple she does not know….Andrew & Ruth Zahorec

    She sends her grateful thanks to you both.