Should Doctors And Members Of Parliament Work On Saturdays?

hould Doctors And Members Of Parliament Work On Saturdays?It appears that UK MPs believe they are more important than doctors. Much has been said about the benefits that MPs receive, including many perks you regularly read about some of them abusing. It is no surprise to me that they have no contract of employment or job description. In other words, when we vote them in they can do what they like.

These privileged MPs have now told doctors that Saturdays are part of their “normal working week” so that the Government can avoid paying them extra to do so. As a result, there is a petition insisting that MPs should lead by example and meet on a Saturday too. With their new 6 day week MPs would get more Parliamentary work done. There should be no extra pay for this.

I am a GP and although not a junior Dr, believe that Politicians are at least as important if not more important than the people they lead and who they set policies for. As “we are all in it together”, The policies and rules they set should apply to them as equally as for any members of the workforce.

As there is never enough time for Parliament to sit and weigh up all the pressing and important matters of Government, I think Parliament should sit 6 days/week with Saturday being part of their normal working week as it is proposed for other workers.

Once the petition reaches 100 000 signatures then it will be considered for debate in Parliament. If there was a vote, I wonder how MPs will vote?


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