EU Scholarship Programme for the Turkish Cypriot Community

EU Scholarship ProgrammeThis Scholarship Programme aims to finance the education of a small number of Turkish Cypriots wishing to study in the EU during the 2016-2017 academic year. The whole course will not be financed, for example only the 1st year of an undergraduate degree course would receive a grant of €15 000. This is calculated on the basis of €1,420 a month for 10 months plus €800 for expenses of flight ticket.

In line with the objective of bringing the Turkish Cypriot community closer to the European Union, the European Commission has been funding scholarship grants to Turkish Cypriot community in order to:

  • Offer them additional educational opportunities by raising their knowledge and/or increasing their skills in a specific field.
  • Broaden their experience of studying and working in the European Union, thus bringing them closer to the European Union.


The Scholarship Programme is for one academic year for undergraduate and postgraduate studies and 2-6 months for short term programmes and internships.

The Scholarship Programme targets the Turkish Cypriot individuals from different segments of the community including:

  • High School students (final year students studying in the northern part of Cyprus)
  • High School graduates
  • Graduate students
  • Teachers, academics, researchers.
  • Professionals from various sectors.


Four different categories of scholarships are awarded for studying, research or training in an EU Member State (with the exclusion of the northern part of Cyprus). The different categories of scholarships have different target groups.

Scholarships for one Academic Year:

TYPE A – Scholarships for one academic year of an undergraduate programme of study.

TYPE B – Scholarships for one academic year of postgraduate programme of study (Master’s or PhD or Postdoctoral programmes).

Scholarships for Short Term Programmes and Internships (2-6 months):

TYPE C – Scholarships for 2 to 6 months duration for short term programmes of study, academic research or professional courses, or training programmes including language skills.

TYPE D – Scholarships for 2 to 6 months duration for short term internships

Applicants can apply for one type of scholarship ONLY and should go to the EU Scholarship Programme website to find out more.

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1 comment to EU Scholarship Programme for the Turkish Cypriot Community

  • Cyprus Sue

    Might be a shock for the typical TC student. Any one read “Encounters with a Fat Chemist: Teaching at a University in Northern Cyprus” or spoke to the many English teachers that went to work in a school or University in Cyprus? Here is a taster.

    Chris Payne writes a hilarious surreal account of life as a university professor at a dysfunctional university in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. On the beautiful island of Cyprus, little works as you expect it to, from the primitive plumbing to the maniacal university bus service. The American Institute of Cyprus is a seat of higher learning like no other. The place is chaotically organised for the students who attend class only if they feel like it. They cheat on their exams, photocopy textbooks illicitly with university approval, and deliberately fail their courses to avoid military service. Meanwhile, the management spends its time devising all sorts of ingenious money-raising scams and schemes to cheat students and teachers alike, while the AIC owner’s business strategy is to sell as many university degrees as he can alongside his cake shops and motorcycle franchises. But then, as everyone says, “this is Cyprus,” an Endemic Mediterranean paradise where everyone is on the make and the only guiding principle is “money is money.”