Pauline’s Opinion – Shall We Try Again?

Mike photo butch


Who remembers the fun we had with this little gem?

Of course, we did go ahead despite the date being the 1st April…all part of the fun.

It resulted in messages from the advocate asking me if I was in Cyprus…actually I wasn’t, but I might be on this 1st April…who knows.

It also resulted in the Police taking an interest and allegedly producing an Injunction given allegedly to Akfinans Bank Limited which allegedly said I would be arrested if I went near my villa…allegedly and without prejudice of course. Can never have too many allegedly’s can you?

It also resulted in a bank employee allegedly taking a swipe at my friend or his camera, or both.

These photos are our property, taken by my representative, a photo journalist, so I am free to publish them.

Mike photo of bunting.

My fence wearing its party frock

Mike photo butch

My gate with the 18 inch dog that protects my villa.

Mikes photo cameras

one of 7 CCTV cameras on my property

my villa pool 31st march

My pool

The bank now owe me for living in my villa for almost 6 years…i.e 70 months @ £600 p.m. = £42 000. Wow that is more than the landowner borrowed from the bank way back in November 2005..a fraudulent mortgage according to the judgement rendered by Girne District court on the 4th December 2014.

Still waiting for that elusive Appeal date folks and no-one is spilling the beans about that no matter how many times I ask. The Appeal application having been made by Akfinans Bank Limited. 15 months waiting for an Appeal initiated by the Bank but I am told the reason for the last delay is being unable to serve them with some papers. Odd that since their Head Office and the High Court are both in the capital. Beggars belief really.

Perhaps it is time I put a charge on the Bank…there’s a novel idea.

Of course now the question is, will we try again on the 1st April, 2016 and will I be present this time.

I will let you know nearer the time.

In the meantime let Akfinans wonder about it.

Pauline Read

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