How Does Air Conditioning Work - Money Saving Trick

how does air conditioning workFew of us ask how does air conditioning work. When the Summer heat comes we set the cooling temperature to 18ºC and then when the bill arrives try to convince ourselves that the money was worth it. We are unaware that every degree below 24ºC makes the aircon use ten times more energy per degree.

In the Winter when we use the aircon as a heater we don’t set it for 18ºC, we set it to 24ºC. Pure madness! More energy wasted!

Worse than that we are unaware that in summer we would save a fortune if we set the aircon to DRY not COOL. The principle is simple. When the air is humid we cannot sweat easily and as sweating cools our body naturally we feel hot. By setting the aircon to DRY we make the air less humid and we naturally cool ourselves and a 24ºC temperature not only feels cool but we save a fortune!

I hope you will try this out when the Summer comes.

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