Turkish Cypriot Gets Property Back In South Plus Compensation

Turkish Cypriot Gets Property Back In South Plus Compensation

A very interesting court decision has appeared at the Larnaca district court where a British citizen of Turkish Cypriot origin has been awarded thousands of euros in damages for loss of use of his property in the south. His property had been leased by the state to a private citizen who constructed an event and conference venue in 2010 and on 21st January 2016 the court ordered the government to vacate the property and remove any buildings that have been constructed.

In some ways this decision goes against the south’s policy, post-1974, where property had been taken over based on the law of necessity – passed in 1964 to ensure the smooth running of the state after Turkish Cypriots left their posts in the government and legislature – and public interest. The south’s government argued that the owner and his heirs could not exercise their rights without permission from the guardian, as long as the Cyprus Problem remained unsolved. It also claimed that the guardian does not even have the right or authority to return the property before the division ended.

The court disagreed and said that because the guardian had not protected the property then the defendants had to vacate the property and remove any constructions within 5 months. It also awarded damages worth around €75,000 to the Turkish Cypriot.

I can hear Greek Cypriots reading this and thinking that this decision could also apply to the north, kicking expats of the properties, Orams style, and forcing them to demolish their villas. Bad news, the current occupants are also claiming compensation from the government. In the event of a solution this would be the government of the United Cyprus. But then, as it will never unite, it’ll never happen.

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  • Cyprus Sue

    Well done to the Judges that made a fair decision which was not based on the usual nepotism,cronyism and rusfetti.