Pauline's Opinion - Will There Be Justice In Our Lifetime?

Pauline's Opinion - Will There Be Justice In Our Lifetime?The night that Chris acquired the name AGILE….it is just so sad he could not be here to see the end of this saga. I strongly suspect though that none of the Kulaksiz 5 will live to see the end of this and that the strategy by Akfinans Bank Limited to outlive their victims will work.

For this the blame will lie with the courts, the judiciary and primarily the Government of north Cyprus.

It is shameful that this happened at all….it is shameful that the POLICE in north Cyprus refused to act against an obvious attack with a lethal weapon, an unlawful breaking, entering and taking property that belonged to me.

I was writing this 6 years ago today and STILL they are squatting in my retirement dream home.

May they all rot in hell.

The Appeal, as we all know will be heard on the 4th October 2016….will it go ahead – who knows? Will they dare find in our favour – who knows? Will the bank ever face justice – we all know the answer to that one.

Pauline Read

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4 comments to Pauline’s Opinion – Will There Be Justice In Our Lifetime?

  • Miltiades

    ” the Government of north Cyprus.!
    Don’t you mean the pseudo government recognised by NONE apart from the cheapskates ? For years I have been telling you this but you persist in believing that there is a …..government, as if this government is a genuine one.
    Woman, will you ever learn. The occupied parts of Cyprus, that you and other senile old fools invested your money in is NOT RECOGNIZED NOT EVEN BY ONE SINGLE NATION ON THE PLANET!

  • Polly Marples

    Not even Turkey….not that Turkey is a country that is free.

    Pauline hears you Milt but will continue to pull the tail of the Bank at every opportunity, not expecting anything will change.

  • Miltiades

    You are right Turkey is no longer a free country. Thousands arrested, from the judiciary to school teachers, the media and from every walk of life. Erdogan can now be described as a dictator. This by the way is the country that we Cypriots have and will refuse to accept as our ….guarantor!!
    This is the country that is steadily becoming more and more Islamic and dictatorial. In Cyprus we have freedom of our press, our judiciary and above all we have freedom of speech, values that all European nations hold.

  • Miltiades

    ” A decree published in Turkey’s official gazette demanded the closure of more than 100 broadcasters, newspapers, magazines, publishing houses and distribution companies.

    These include three news agencies, 16 TV channels, 23 radio channels, 45 papers and 15 magazines.

    Arrest warrants have been issued against 89 journalists, access has been blocked to more than 20 news websites, the licences of 29 publishing houses have been revoked, and a number of press accreditations have been cancelled.”
    The ….democratic nation that insists in being given fresh guarantor status over our entire island!!

    Turkey can go to hell, we do not desire a guarantor from this Islamic dictatorial nation