Pauline’s Opinion | Rumours Affect Property Confidence

Pauline's Opinion | Rumours Affect Property ConfidenceWITHOUT PREJUDICE

I have said it before, and I will say it again. If there is a settlement and the purchasers of property in the Turkish Republic of Nationalised Corruption have to be sacrificed, they will be in a heartbeat.

We are now hearing rumours that the current President allegedly believes that the Greek Cypriots whose land has been built on and sold by Turks and Turkish Cypriots are the true owners and therefore take priority over those who came after.

If rumours resemble the truth, how short the memories are. Who made it possible for these Turks and Turkish Cypriots to develop and sell such land? The previous Governments and to some extent this Government who has not halted such sales.

How very disingenuous of Mr Akinci if he does hold such a view and does nothing to halt a practice that his predecessors encouraged and legalised even. They allowed such sales, they took revenue in the form of stamp duty, transfer fees and licences to build. They issued planning permissions and most importantly, in the case of foreigners, they issued the Permissions to Purchase. That process gave ALL details of the applicant and the land. Now will they wash their hands of it all? Pontius Pilate did the same.

We are all aware Mr Akinci did not hold high office until recently, but he is and has been a powerful man for a long time. Hands up anyone who remembers him using his voice to condemn what was happening in the property sector?

So if Mr Akinci is talking about compensation. From whom, the builder who has gone bust and spent his ill gotten gains? The pseudo landowner, who has long since spent every penny? Perhaps the Government of the Turkish Republic of Nationalised Corruption will advise all those foreigners affected to sue their vendor? Stop shouting, I am only thinking out loud. We all know chasing an empty pot will cost you dearly in money and misery. Been there, done that, got the tee, yet ironically they are the ones who helped to get you into this mess and never acted in your best interest.

Shame on them all.

So what is the answer? God knows and he isn’t saying.

Pauline Read

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22 comments to Pauline’s Opinion | Rumours Affect Property Confidence

  • Polly Marples

    Scare mongering as I am sure some will accuse Pauline of….or facing facts?

  • cyprusishome

    There are now reports in local press of GC coming across and harassing people in their homes telling them they are coming to reclaim.

    The authorities must put a stop to this before it turns it to something more serious. The president for one must stand up and tell his opposite number to stop these idiots coming across or he will stop negotiations. He must also inform the UN as to what is happening otherwise when he stops negotiations he will get the blame.

    But this is North Cyprus…………first find the government brain cell!!!

  • Polly Marples

    Although it is not new, it has happened before, but the police escorted them back to the border.

    Now, of course, they are more confident and it sounds like they are really being aggressive.

    It must be stopped before some hothead does something that cannot be ignored and it derails the talks.

  • fluter

    Wonder if that is the idea? Just a thought …..

  • Polly Marples

    Almost certainly.

  • Miltiades

    [shush]Cyprusishome : These ..idiots !!!
    There is but one fricking idiot you peasant and that is your stupid self. Reclaiming my ancestral land makes me stupid, yes ? Get lost you ignorant fricking lowdown peasant![/shush]

  • Polly Marples

    I think it is high time that this obnoxious man was banned. It used to be amusing but he would not be allowed on any other forum with this abuse, time he was kicked off here.

  • Dominic Freeman

    [shush]Polly, if we banned Milt we might be contravening the Discrimination Act which says that those with mental health issues should be treated as being equal to the rest of us. I think Milt has a form of tourettes, among other issues resulting from alcohol abuse.[/shush]

  • Miltiades

    [shush]Polly the stupid old cow thinks I ought to be banned, she does not like the truth the silly old cow. As for Dom, well he is just an ignorant little peasant !
    By the way, thumps down for the old cows request to have me banned is indicative of the support she has.[/shush]

  • Polly Marples

    [shush]Oh okay then.

    If he is allowed to call me the names he does and abuse other people who comment then the moderator will find no fault in my mentioning his mental state is due to the chronic inbreeding that has occurred in Cyprus and that the best thing that has happened on the island in the last 30 years is more visitors to fornicate with and dilute the gene pool.

    It is very easy to manipulate 7 thumbs down and I would be interested to see just how many of those who regularly comment and are regularly insulted or abused did contribute to these thumbs down. As far as I can see the only regular fan he has is Jerry.[/shush]

  • Polly Marples

    [shush]It seems this moron Mutley has the red light from the admin here to say what he pleases and be as obnoxious as he pleases. So go ahead Mutley….vent your spleen… not many commenting on here anyway. I suspect there will be fewer yet.[/shush]

  • fluter

    I have thought that for some time Polly. Not really sure why he was not ‘binned’ long ago. He once called me a liar, but management seemed happy with that.

    His abuse stems from the fact that he is inarticulate, because he appears to be as dim as a TOC-H lamp!

  • Jerry

    Polly, can’t you figure it out? Milti’s comments generate responses and therefore traffic on ncfp. Dom would be silly to ban him.

    Besides, he is telling the truth in colourful language that I find quite entertaining.

  • Polly Marples

    No one minds anyone having strong opinions, everyone has the right to them. However no one has the right to be insulting, abusive and downright rude, except on here it seems…other forums do not allow it.

    There is your truth, my truth and the truth…we all have our opinions on that and I would be the last person to deny him that. However, you manage to comment and make your feelings extremely clear Jerry without resorting to such childish and churlish language.

    Perhaps as I now intend to do, other more adult commenters will boycott his comments.

  • fluter

    Absolutely Polly.

  • Dominic Freeman

    Jerry, if the members want to set standards beyond those required for the comment section to operate legally then I’m happy to instigate them across the board. In the meantime I’ll place inflammatory comments on the ‘top shelf’ available only by clicking.

  • Miltiades

    ” to stop these idiots coming across ”
    I suppose that the above comment meets with your aproval. Here are people who have been evicted from their ancestral lands, and here are low down cheapskates who consider those that still want their lands refered to as idiots.

    To me, the lot of you are a b..disgrace to your own race.

  • AM

    Nah… Leave him be, every village has an idiot and milti is our very own village idiot.
    Anyway let him have his bit of fun….remember the Orams case when he and his mates were dancing in the London streets when they “Won”..

    Didn’t last long did it and the same will happen again 🙂

  • Cyprus Sue

    Why are people blaming the GC’s for wanting and daring to view their homes? I would have thought it a natural response to the current peace talks and part of the research needed to help them decide what sort of solution they would prefer in any settlement. The same is happening with regards to the TC’s crossing the border to see if their land has been built on, their home demolished or their homes occupied. Lots finding compulsory purchase has occurred so now able to confirm that financial compensation is their only option.Would I want to return to my home or land and establish what had changed, chase memories and view old haunts? Of course, its human nature.

    What I feel strange is how people blame those that are often innocent victims caught up in this whole sordid business. The real culprits are the Governments. In the TRNC how could the Government justify selling houses that were owned by others, how can they justify giving permission to purchase to foreign buyers and making it “legal” to buy such properties? Even giving guarantees that property purchase was safe? How could they promote “exchange property” in order to make purchasers think there was an agreement between the GC landowner and a TC purchaser? They are the real culprits surely?

    In much the same way the so called guardians of TC property in the ROC have abused their responsibilities too, with much coming to light regarding corruption in this area. The recent publicity surrounding Non-performing loans/memorandums and property scams says much about the integrity of both Governments whose actions have perpetuated the problems and shown that the Government politicians hold their own interests above those of their peoples.

    Of course there are many other contributing factors but on the whole the blame should be put firmly on the shoulders of those that acted in the interest of their own financial gain. Those homeless and those fearing homelessness are simply victims of a corrupt system

  • Miltiades

    An excellent post CS.

  • fluter

    An excellent post Cyprus Sue. Your last twp paragraphs say it all.

  • Polly Marples

    You have to wonder though, since their minds appear to run on parallel lines and their corruption in the property market is almost identical….how on earth did they manage to fall out?

    TRNC…Turkish Republic of Nationalised Corruption

    ROC Republic of Corruption