Pauline’s Opinion | What Might The Future Hold?

Pauline's Opinion | What Might The Future Hold?WITHOUT PREJUDICE

Having been back in the UK now for almost two years, I can honestly say the pressure and stress of living in the Turkish Republic of Nationalised Corruption is not missed one little bit. Yes of course I miss the country and the people who helped me so much, I miss the weather, I miss swimming and I miss Tamarly who sadly was called over the rainbow bridge.

Will I ever return, well they do say, never say never. Things have changed dramatically since I left and I suppose one of the biggest changes has to be that at last someone seems to be listening and even the court system sees the injustice of ‘stealth mortgages’. Although I have admit to being astounded that the same advocate acting for Kulaksiz 5 seems to believe it is okay to act for the builder against another group of stealth mortgage victims in the same situation as Kulaksiz 5. This is made more hypocritical because this advocate is allegedly the legal adviser for the property campaigners Making North Cyprus Better…go figure. Still K5 waits and waits for the all important Appeal date that will either ratify or cancel the judgement of the 4th December 2014.

Another huge change is the progress being made in the Cyprob talks. This is good news and long overdue. However with this comes more anxiety for those who were allowed by the TRNC Government to buy in the north.

It is not a new thing, ever since the borders were opened, incidents of Greek Cypriots knocking on doors and claiming the current occupant was living in their home or on their land have been reported. This usually ended with the Greek Cypriots being escorted back to the border by the TRNC police.

One has to wonder if it is worth pursuing legal cases any more if the current round of talks are successful, and if it turns out as rumoured that the original owners will take precedence over those allowed and encouraged to buy property in north Cyprus.

Rumours and hearsay are all we have to go on, but if as is being predicted the US and EU will fund a compensation scheme for all those who kept the TRNC afloat during its isolation, is it worth throwing any more money at the ever greedy advocates in the TRNC. Will whatever legal rulings they obtain, just be overturned by the conditions of any settlement?

My advice remains the same. Do not buy in Cyprus, it could be bad for your health and your wealth.

Pauline Read

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