Turkish Water to Start Flowing on October 28th

Turkish Water to Start Flowing on October 28thAccording to Vatan (21.08.15), Onder Sennaroglu, the TRNC Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Food, water from Turkey will reach the North on October 28. Around 75 million cubic meters of water will be sent to the north from a dam in southern Turkey via a pipeline, adding that the water project, which includes a water treatment plant and water tanks, will cost 1.6 billion Turkish liras (576.3 million dollars).

Obviously, this water would have been more useful before the start of the rainy season and once it arrives getting the water to the outlying villages will be another challenge. The fear is that coming to depend on water transferred in this manner could also result in problems if the project was to face technical, or political, challenges at a later date.

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