Pauline’s Opinion | Banned on Facebook

Pauline's Opinion | Banned on FacebookWITHOUT PREJUDICE

I have always believed if you knowingly do something spiteful, it has a boomerang affect and comes right back at you.

You will, I am sure remember my blog about the spiteful and hurtful act of the wife of one of the bank owner’s
who is using a photo of her and her son and daughter standing in the drive of my villa as her cover picture of her Facebookpage. As you will recall, my reaction earned me a one week ban in being able to comment on Facebook,
although all I did was publish the photo she so brazenly is still using as her cover photo. Not content with denying me the use of my villa I used my life’s savings to buy, she wants to rub my nose in it too. Nice ladylike behaviour….not.

As an interesting by-product of this, not only have I been blocked by this ‘person’, but so have most of my friends who supported me in my disgust at her actions. This tells me that she has a mutual friend who is acting as her spy on my FB page. Oh dear what a lot of trouble to go to over little old me. Or could it be, like so many before her she is trying to silence me, to demonise me because she knows, she is wrong. Her estranged husband is wrong, his family are wrong, her parents are wrong and she is trying to justify her behaviour and theirs too.

When you behave badly, when you are spiteful and vindictive, nothing can justify such behaviour.

Today, again someone reported me to Facebook for a photo showing nudity, in fact all you could see were a pair of breasts which is very mild by FB standards. Go to a lot of FB pages and you will see pictures of vaginas and penises, but I guess the ‘spy’ did not want to miss an opportunity to try to have me banned again. This time, I removed the photo myself and thus avoided any problems. We all know how inconsistent FB is in its decisions.

I have no idea who the ‘mole’ is. I cannot check now as I am blocked, therefore information about mutual friends I might have with this ‘person’ is denied to me. All I can say is….remember people judge you by the friends you keep.

Pauline Read

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7 comments to Pauline’s Opinion | Banned on Facebook

  • Wallet and Gromit

    I need a loan, can I use 10 other peoples property as collateral?
    Schhhhhhh don’t tell them though…

  • Polly Marples

    Of course you can Mr WG. You can use Mutleys ancestral pile of shite I you like.

  • Alfie

    They certainly are going to a great deal trouble to silence you Pauline but can’t they see that all this trouble just proves what fradsters they are. The more you try to cover something up the more it rears its ugly head. They are just digging a deeper hole for themselves Stupid people.

  • Wallet and Gromit

    The ancestral goat shed or when asked what they had before 1974 became a villa with 14 en-suite bedrooms set in 10 acres with an Olympic size swimming pool, is that the one?
    When Greece asked their Cypriot cousins to list all they had lost during the Turkish INTERVENTION they claimed for land that once calculated equalled 3 times the whole area of Cyprus as their own, Greece surprisingly gave up on that idea!

  • Miltiades

    You are so full of …ex..nt!

  • Wallet and Gromit

    You must have it piped direct from the local sewerage works straight up your a$$ the amount you seem to come out with.

  • Polly Marples

    Agree Alfie, the more they dig the more shit they produce.