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United Cyprus FederationAccording to Today’s Zaman, if the current Cyprus talks succeed then a new, federal state will be formed called the United Cyprus Federation, with both groups of Cypriots under one political roof. This is despite unresolved issues regarding the right of guarantorship, distribution of land and property rights.

According to TRNC President Akıncı, the new federal state would include a federal parliament, with an upper house and a lower house, while both subnational governments will have their own parliaments.

‘Both Turkish and Greeks Cypriots will be able to reside wherever they want. Turkish Cypriots who prefer to live on the Greek side will be able to elect and be elected in local and European Parliament elections. However, they will not have the right to elect or be elected for the federal parliament representing the area in which they live due to considerable numerical differences between the Turkish and Greek Cypriot populations, the latter being four times bigger than the former.

When it comes to security matters, there will be a joint federal police force, which will be comprised of either 60 percent Greek Cypriots and 40 percent Turkish Cypriots or will have equal representation. Both sides are in a deadlock over the formation of a joint army. There will be no military force, whether unified or separated, on the island all due to lingering fears and distrust between the communities.’

There are still ongoing discussions concerning the two groups’ national day and other ceremonies, not the least the problem that one side celebrates the arrival of Turkish troops in 1974 as liberators while the other side mourns the day as a tragedy. There is no doubt that the Turkish Cypriot celebration would cause unrest if the two groups come to live side-by-side. This would be especially dangerous in the first year of the formation of the United Cyprus Federation, with groups who had voted against the federation wanting to create unrest in order to wreck the move. This has the potential to bring about the first fatalities between the two sides for decades. The peace talks, as they are often called, could possibly result in the reverse of what they were intended.

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  • As neither the Greek or Turkish Cypriot populations would vote for this idea, in the twin referenda that would need to be held, this is a non-starter. I also notice that there is no mention of it being agreed that the joint population would be responsible for the loan repayments to the EU, ECB and IMF! Everyone knows it will never happen.

  • Miltiades

    An interesting article written by:
    Cengiz Aktar a senior scholar at Istanbul Policy Center.

    “The Turkish armed forces had invaded the Mediterranean island days after Greek troops led a coup in Nicosia, and Ankara’s military presence swiftly turned into a de facto occupation.

    Over the years, the status quo has deepened, and the stalemate has become permanent – with two states, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, recognised only by Turkey, and the Republic of Cyprus – just 63 percent of its former territory – recognised by the international community.