Pauline’s Opinion | TRNC Officials Not Held to Account

Paulines Opinion - TRNC Officials Not Held to AccountWITHOUT PREJUDICE

We had the situation where a member of the staff of the Tapu in Girne allegedly lied on oath in the Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank Limited’s last case which concluded with a win by Kulaksiz 5….so clearly even the Judge did not take his evidence seriously.

Was that official arrested and charged with perjury? What to you think. It seems no matter what happens, no matter what crime a builder, bank, advocate or civil servant commits in north Cyprus…THERE ARE NO CONSEQUENCES.

After needing a search myself and not being able to attend the Tapu in Girne, my advocate who in my opinion should
have had a copy anyway, asked for the outrageous sum of £250 to obtain a search for me. I would not even entertain the idea since I know a clerk would attend the Tapu, pick up the search and pay over no more than 50 or 60 lira for it, no more than £20 at most, so how could any advocate justify such a usurious charge? As it happens I did get the information I needed from a friend.

Now it seems, the Tapu at Girne are allegedly saying they will not allow the home owner to obtain a search on their
own property and they must go through an advocate. Now does that sound legal…not to me….does that sound like
a little scam between the legal profession and the Tapu might well be in place? I know what I think. I wonder how much the little brown envelope contains for each search? CLOSED SHOP….yes.

To the police, the Baro Counsel, Judiciary and the Government….when are you going to investigate what is happening at the Tapu in Girne….something in the state of Denmark is rotten and that is putting it mildly.

Pauline Read

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3 comments to Pauline’s Opinion | TRNC Officials Not Held to Account

  • Miltiades

    It serves you right you senile old fool!!
    By the way, its KYRENIA !!

  • fluter

    Well, they aren’t, are they, because they are all “jolly good friends”, aren’t we Uncle?

    Surely we are accustomed to the Cypriot attitude to culpability, North and South? “I know I done it guv’nor, but it was all the fault of somebody else”.

    It was a member of TAPU staff (I am fully aware of who it was) who colluded in the conspiracy between him, my buyer and people from Sercem to defraud me of my house.

    “We are all mates together, so you are buggered”!

    “Miltiades” (That’s a joke in itself!), what the hell business is it of yours? Bog off!

  • Polly Marples

    Precisely Mutley, no one rattled your cage nor values your opinion, so sod off.