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Oops I did it again as Britney would say.

Facebook…what an odd social media vehicle. It’s rules are inconsistent and most strange. For instance the Hate group set up to intimidate me was allowed to continue spouting its hatred and venom unimpeded. Even the title would have sounded alarm bells in the heads of any intelligent moderator….but no…a group with the hate title was allowed to continue its reign of terror aimed at a 70 year old person…namely me with lies and insults. At one stage I even considered suing Facebook for allowing it despite numerous complaints from me and others. Whether it still exists I know not, and care not since they made it into a ‘secret’ group. We all know who started it.

Sebnem Guner Kader the wife or maybe former wife of Ertug Kader one of the owners of Akfinans Bank Limited
decided, in her wisdom to use a photo of her and her son and daughter standing in the drive of the villa I bought
from Kulaksiz Construction and Yuksel Yilmaz in September 2005 and which is subject to a court decision stating that the mortgage the bank put on it was fraudulent (04.12.201), as her cover picture on her Facebook page.

You may wonder how a woman can be so unfeeling as to do this, but do this she has. It could be argued that since she
is using my villa as the backdrop for her photo, I too have a right to this photo. I must admit, that is how I see it. However Sebnem obviously disagrees and reported me to Facebook for using this photo, which was in the public domain and as a consequence of her complaint, I am blocked from commenting on Facebook for 24 hours. That she has changed her privacy status since I borrowed it and indeed has blocked me is in my opinion an important point. The photo has been removed by Facebook.

I do have many photos sent to me by someone who claims to be her former boyfriend, entirely unsolicited and since I assume they were his to do with as he pleased, I am happy to have them and use them.


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2 comments to Pauline’s Opinion | My Facebook Ban

  • Polly Marples

    If someone could share this on Pauline’s page she would be grateful.

  • Polly Marples

    Oh dear, did I mention that the boyfriend alleges that he was the father of her unborn baby but the pregnancy di not go full term. Of course this is hearsay, I cannot vouch for the voracity of this claim.