North Cyprus Travel Becomes Difficult For Mainland Turks

North Cyprus Travel Becomes Difficult For Mainland TurksAccording to an announcement in the Turkish Official Gazette, Mainland Turks will not be able to travel to North Cyprus on their ID cards until further notice and they must ensure they get ‘clear criminal record certificates’ from the police before they travel. Worse still for north Cyprus, all leave for Turkish civil servants has been cancelled and they are not permitted to leave the country.  The rest have been told to travel with their passports .

This has got to destroy tourism in the north! Whereas Turkish Cypriots traveling to Turkey on their ID cards will be no problem as the new rule was for Turkish citizens only.

Expect the north to be virtually empty of tourists, particularly as many EU tourists traveling via Turkey are beginning to cancel their trips because of the uncertainty associated with the country. Tourist perception will have been greatly affected by the coup and the suspension of human rights in Turkey.

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