It Took Me Only 4 Days To Get a New Passport Online

It Took Me Only 4 Days To Get a New Passport OnlineMy passport expires in February 2017. We will be going abroad again in September and November. Some countries say you require 6 months left on your passport. I then had a decision to make as to when I apply for renewal. I remember the summer of 2014 when many awaited their renewed passports for months.

I understood that applications can now be completed online, so I thought I would give it a try.

You can now take your own photo and upload it on to the government site. They will inform you if the picture complies to their standards.  Fill in the application form and enter your debit card details. Next thing its to return your old passport to the address they give you.

I did all this on Monday 18th July. The following day I received an email saying all was correct and they had received my old passport. This just all seemed too easy.

Today, Friday 22nd July, a courier arrived with my new passport, obviously with the additional time added on (until February 2027). All I can say is I was totally amazed at the speed and efficiency!

There is now a new design to the passports along with increased security measures.

My cancelled passport arrived later  the same day by Royal Mail.

Well done the Passport Office!

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