North Cyprus Tourist Attractions - Salamis Near Famagusta

North Cyprus Tourist Attractions - Salamis Near FamagustaAs the North Cyprus tourism season warms up we thought we would point out some of the tourist attractions worth visiting. One of the most popular North Cyprus Tourist Attractions is Salamis close to Famagusta. This is one of the most important archeological sites in the Mediterranean which benefits from its beach side setting.

The site is enormous but a plan of the site at the entrance shows two walking routes, one short and one long. As it happens, the most important buildings are very close together just after the entrance. Be warned that if you intend to view the entire site then come prepared, particularly during the summer heat.


The first remains you’ll see are the Gymnasium and Baths, built by the Greeks and modified by the Romans and Byzantines. Leaving the baths via the plunge pool follow a column-lined path to the remains of an amphitheatre/stadium. Beyond this is an impressive theatre, one of the highlights of the site.

When you leave the theatre, the short route takes you back to the entrance. The long route continues south, past the remains of the largest basilica in Cyprus to a large Byzantine cistern which water, brought via an aqueduct 50km away, was stored before being distributed to the baths. Beyond this is the Roman forum and the remains of a temple to Zeus. Returning back past the St Epiphanius basilica you pass another Byzantine building called “The Olive Press” and then on to the Byzantine Basilica of Kampanopetra.

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