North Cyprus Road Safety The Worse In Europe

North Cyprus Road Safety The Worse In EuropeAccording to the TRNC Insurance Association, 41,554 cars were reported as having a road accident in North Cyprus in 2015. Of these, 24 crashes were fatal, resulting in the deaths of 28 people. The blame, according to İbrahim Kaçın, the General Secretary of the TRNC Insurance Association, lies with not only driver error but also the state of TRNC roads.

Anyone who has ever driven in North Cyprus and seen cars being regularly driven through red lights, overtaking on blind bends and drivers eating kebabs and using mobile phones, sometimes all at the same time, knows clearly where the blame lies. Local drivers know little about the rules of the road which a UK style driving test would force them to learn. My gardener passed his test without ever reaching 4th gear!

Poorly supervised MOT tests every 3 years also contribute by allowing sub-standard vehicles on the road. The list is endless and if I were to point a finger at the prime reason for TRNC having the worse accident record in Europe then it would be lack of government enforcement of dangerous driving where motorcyclists can drive past a police car wearing no helmet and no one cares.

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3 comments to North Cyprus Road Safety The Worse In Europe

  • fluter

    Reminds me of someone who had an MoT done over the phone!

  • cyprusishome

    Friend took car for MOT when it was raining. Of course, no inspection of any sort took place but certificate issued!!!

    Speed cameras are no deterrent. Recent articles have stated that up to 40% of cars are not registered so how can owners be fined if caught on camera. Until multiple offences lead to vehicle confiscation there is no deterrent.

    We all know the reasons for many offenders getting away with not being suitably penalized!!!!!

  • fluter

    And how many are insured I wonder? And how many drivers have licences that were the result of a driving test, not paid for? Or indeed, a licence at all?

    As for “getting away with not being suitably penalized”, I don’t know what you mean, my Cousin!!!