North Cyprus Law - Is Justice For Foreigners Possible?

North Cyprus Law - Is Justice For Foreigners PossibleIs Justice For Foreigners Possible In The Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus?

He laughed in my face!

‘‘There isn’t a court in this country that would support a foreigner against a Cypriot and anyway, by the time it comes to court there won’t be anything to find’’.

That was the response from ‘The Builder’, in 2005, when I told him I was taking him to court for Breach of Contract and suing him for damages and compensation.

In 2012 after five years of continuous legal activity, the involvement of nine lawyers, five messed up cases, thirty court attendances and a meeting with the Attorney General; I was put under intense pressure to accept a settlement put forward by the latest in a procession of judges, to the lawyers, in private session.

The “agreed” settlement meant I would recover the money I had paid him in 2003 plus nine years simple interest at 4%.

Eventually, he had use of my money for fourteen years. He could have paid the whole amount of my claim from the interest he made during that time.

If the court had applied compound interest, using the rates for the period, the interest would have been £30,000GBP more; or, at 4% compounded £10,000GBP more.

No account was taken of the actual value of the property either at the time of the settlement, around £200,000GBP or at earlier times when we had offers in excess of that. My huge costs, damages, compensation for the breach of contract and the damage done to me, my family and our lives were ignored.

He was given six months to pay. He didn’t.

Another two years of legal activity later, another judge at another hearing summoned me to Cyprus to appear before him at three days notice.

Once again I did not get to address the judge, and another behind-closed-doors “settlement” was worked out between him and the lawyers: I had the option of accepting a settlement of less than half the 2012 “agreement”, or, apply for a sale order on the disputed property to recover my money, which would take at least four years to be heard.

I was then seventy-six years old. I accepted the cash offer.

He certainly profited considerably from the settlement, and was given ample time to launder his assets, whilst I am out of pocket by up to £250,000GBP.

What will follow is the story I was prevented from telling in court…….

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7 comments to North Cyprus Law – Is Justice For Foreigners Possible?

  • Polly Marples

    The usual story. Corrupt from top to bottom and the idea you will ever get your money is farcical.

    The strategy adopted by the bank against the Kulaksiz outlive them seems to be being replicated in your case too.

    There is no justice in the TRNC (Turkish Republic of Nationalised Corruption).

  • Miltiades

    Had you carried out a very simple search you would have found out that the so called “TRNC” is an illegitimate state not recognized by a single nation on earth, apart from its creator and occupier of Cyprus’ northern parts.

    The property you and other naïve Brits purchased most probably belonged to its original LEGAL owners forced out of their homes following the barbaric invasion by Turkey in 1974.

    I will not wish you or anyone else for that matter the best of luck since you lot are victims of your own stupidity.

  • tomsteel

    Thanks Milton for your useful and usual contribution.

  • Miltiades

    My pleasure old boy!

  • AM

    Just remind me again how many people are awaiting title deeds for property in the Republic of South Cyprus ?

  • Miltiades

    Hey stupid, try growing a brain instead of the shit brains you have.

  • AM

    Sorry didn’t catch that…. 10,000……was that 20,000 or did you say 40,000.

    Sorry you mad man I can’t hear you did you say 70,000 ?

    No Milti its over 100,000 people still awaiting title deeds from this corupt half baked country,…should be ashamed of yourselves.