North Cyprus Restaurants - Silver Rocks & the Lapta Walkway

It’s quite some time since we have been to Silver Rocks in Lapta, in fact the last time, we had diggers making a real row digging the next part of the Lapta walkway in front of the restaurant. We did think at the time what a ‘blot on the landscape’ it would be for the view from the Rocks.

We were shown to a lovely table right next to the sea, gently lapping just under us and the lighting making it look very romantic. The evenings are getting slightly chillier and the waiters were bringing around pashminas for anyone who wanted them.

We ordered our drinks and some humus, rolls and olives were brought to the table as well. We chose the swordfish (40tl) and chicken stroganoff (32tl). We were really surprised when along with these two meals came roast potatoes, chips, rice, vegetables and a large bowl of salad. We couldn’t finish it all.

We were then brought complimentary Turkish coffee and brandy. By the time we left the restaurant was very busy but the owner was still making sure he had a chance to chat to all his customers and ensure the smooth running. In actual fact he spoke to us twice during the evening. Excellent food and service. We couldn’t fault a thing.

We had a draft Efes, coke, large bottle of water and the total bill was 90tl.

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