North Cyprus Property Victims | Too Scared to Print Truth?


North Cyprus Property Victims – Too Scared to Print Truth?

Whilst Cyprus Today continue to report on the hearings for the above case, I suppose we must be grateful.

I do have to suppress a wry grin every time I read them now. How much has changed since the beginning when in line with a lot of the Turkish language newspapers Cyprus Today were as outspoken in their reporting of what was happening to the British pensioners who were being treated so outrageously through no fault of their own.

Now Cyprus Today refer to Akfinans Bank as ‘the bank’, why? Rhetorical question since I know the group owning the paper were taken to court by the bank and many of its reporters have received Libel Writs from ‘the bank’ simply for reporting the truth.

In my opinion only Afrika Gazestesi now have the courage to tell it like it is.

Halkin Sesi and Yeniduzen and maybe others I do not know about were shamelessly used by the Advocate for ‘the bank’ when this was published:

I too have received many Libel Writs from the bank yet all I have written or said has been the truth. If you have nothing to hide, the truth cannot hurt you.

I think the issuing of this notice also in Cyprus Today says it all. Silence is what the bank want, but silence is the enemy of democracy and JUSTICE.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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