Cyprus Today Article | K5 v Akfinans Bank Court Case


Cyprus Today Article – K5 v Akfinans Bank Court Case

The reporter for Cyprus Today was in court for the continuation of the hearing for the main on 13th/14th/15th May 2014. This is his report of the events. Can someone please tell me why a newspaper only mentions the name of one side of the case?

I am probably as confused as I have ever been over this and frankly I cannot see what is the relevance of the timing of knowing when the mortgage was on the property. It should not have been granted and frankly the existence of the survey commissioned by the bank rather makes a nonsense of the claims that the Tapu knew there were properties but still issued the mortgage deed on Tarla.

I personally would not have bought a house with a mortgage on had I known. I truly believed that the Contract was a legally binding document and wasn’t aware I was buying from thieves.

I sometimes wonder if I am living in a parallel universe because this really is unreal.

Pauline Read

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