North Cyprus Property Victims | Hafiz Village 2 in Tatlisu


This email has been received at NCFP and passed to me.

We do get many such emails and whenever and wherever possible we try to help

Subject: Kulaksiz Site – Hafiz Village 2, Tatlisu

Message Body:

We have serious problems as the Builders have not finished the site, some of the homeowners have taken it on to finish their own villas so they can holiday or live in their villas as they have retired here in TRNC and have spent their life savings on the Villas. We are now experiencing problems as the landowner is saying the builders have not paid him for the land and he wants us to leave his land and our properties (as far as we know the land was gifted land) and we have all bought through the Builder and have a lawyer who supposingly carried out all the relevant practices such as, registering purchase to buy etc. We need as much support with this as we can possibly get. Our Lawyer has said that we own the property but we don’t own the land. We have tried all avenues with regards to meeting with the builders,solicitors and the landowner to no avail. Please, please can you help to support us as the landowners solicitor is being quite threatening towards us in person by trying to push a piece of paper onto us written in Turkish and we won’t accept it. I wait to see if you can highlight our problem as we are yet another victim of Kulaksiz. Isn’t it about time the government stepped up a gear and give hard working vulnerable people their support to come to some ammicable solutions. Kind regards “

As you can see it involves Kulaksiz Construction Limited yet again.

You will recall the two developments in Arapkoy I had memorandums on, awarded to me by the court, but unfortunately contrary to what I was told in 2008, they were not owned by Kulaksiz but by the people who bought them and I did the right thing and removed the memorandums, thus allowing the purchasers to obtain their deeds. How good it would be if Akfinans Bank had such compassion?

It looks as if almost every site Kulaksiz is involved in has major problems and almost every Kulaksiz purchaser has been cheated. Now we have yet another set of alleged victims. Another landowner problem. You will recall K5’s landowner mortgaged our villas after selling them to us, but the bank only registered the security as land with the Tapu even though they knew otherwise, witnessed by the Survey they commissioned dated the 29th March 2005.

This email is particularly poignant since I do know that the name of the village ‘Hafiz’ is named after the former Director of Kulaksiz Construction Limited, Abdurrahman Guney who was jointly named in the mortgage taken on the K5 site. Abdurrahman Guney……also known as Hafiz.

I shall be contacting the sender of this email for more information and will give the publicity she requests.

Pauline Read

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